Every day thousands of people become disabled. I became one of those thousands in 2001 when I lost my leg as a result of a train accident. I recall lying under a platform with a train crushing my leg as I was clinging to life. For seventeen minutes I was physically stuck, while mentally I ran through my life. With snow all around me, I thought about all the amazing things that I would do different and all the people I would assist if given another chance to stand on another platform. Little did I know I would be given a chance as an amputee to stand on many platforms, podiums, tracks, and conference rooms to negotiate the rights and the perceptions of those with disabilities around the world.

Since it’s inception, it has been the mission of the April Holmes Foundation, Inc. to enhance the life experiences of those persons with physical and learning disabilities. To date, we have awarded scholarships and medical equipment to hundreds who have expressed need for assistance and desire to keep running their lives.

Annually, the April Holmes Foundation, Inc. hosts a Sneaker Ball, where guest attend in their finest attire while wearing sneakers. While it may originally sound like an uncomfortable and unfashionable pairing, the ask makes sense. Oftentimes people with disabilities feel more comfortable and better able to navigate daily life activities with sneakers or rubber bottom shoes. In an effort to level the playing field, we ask all donor to attend the Gala with sneakers. At the end of the evening, we award prizes to the men & women wearing the best sneakers. We hope you join us at the annual event to share in a great night for an awesome cause.

Here is the advertisement for the 2017 event:

For inquiries or to reach someone at the April Holmes Foundation, Inc. please send all correspondence to:

April Holmes Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 1345

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